Encapsulated through a visionary dream, Dior Valentina is reinventing an opulent modern approach to children’s fashion.

With a focus on providing exceptional dresses and shoes made especially for baby and little girls with designs that are sophisticated with luxurious details, while exuding an elegant and classic allure for the child. Our main emphasis is solely on providing exquisite beautiful designs with high quality comfort to create the ultimate Dior Valentina classic look.

The leader in beautiful elegant tutu dresses and the most comfortable jelly shoes are what we stand strongly behind. Redefining the traditional tutu dress to be the most elegant and classic, paired with the most universal and comfortable Brazilian jelly shoes that can be worn from casual play to dress up. 

Capturing the essence of Dior Valentina through every exquisite piece, the founder has redefined children’s tutu dresses and shoes that emanates a more unique modern elegance and timeless charisma- all while maintaining an unsurpassed attention to detail and comfort. Our collections are meticulously handcrafted with quality craftsmanship. 

Dior Valentina's philosophy is simplifying the process of curating the perfect elegant special occasion ensembles but that are versatile enough for all settings and environments. We strongly believe that beauty should never be sacrificed for comfort and value the lasting durability in our collections to last for years to come- to be passed down for the next generations. 

The inspiration behind the brand is named after the founder’s two daughters, Dior Valere and Valentina Ella. We believe strongly that every little girl deserves to feel the most beautiful and special, even through an enchanting tutu dress and the most beautiful shoes. 

Glamorous, Modern & Elegant- Dior Valentina represent the pinnacle of transformative modern and glamorous children’s luxury dresses and shoes. Every little girl will truly feel magical and beautiful, let her light radiate through our beautiful collections.