Luxurious and glamorous tutu dresses for baby and girls and Brazilian Jelly Shoes

The most beautiful & glamorous kids' tutu dresses & premium Brazilian jelly & leather shoes made especially for babies, toddlers, & girls

Luxurious & Glamorous Baby & Girls’ Tutu Dresses

Beautiful tutu dresses made out of the finest tulle that creates an element of sophisticated elegance, with a glamorous & refined classic appeal for babies & girls.

Luxurious Baby & Girls’ Tutu Dresses

Dior Valentina- Dior Valere Tutu Dress- for babies, toddlers, and little girls

Dior Valentina

Dior Valere Tutu Dress

$72 $205

The breathtaking limited edition “Dior Valere Tutu Dress” truly has a sophisticated elegance that is undeniable. Glamorous and chic, with a timeless classic appeal for children.

Features dramatic ruffled shoulders, luxurious feathers cascading down the beautiful crystal beaded flowers, embellished over a high quality premium cotton bodice. Multi-layered for dimension, the skirt is made from ultra soft tulle for lasting comfort, while creating an elegant silhouette that adds a glamorous touch. 

Dior Valentina exclusive design. 

*Featured on the prestigious wedding magazine “INSIDE WEDDINGS” as one of the top recommended flower girl dresses. 

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Feautured on "INSIDE WEDDINGS" magazine

Our best seller tutu dress was a part of an exclusive feature on "INSIDE WEDDNGS" magazine as one of the top cutest flower girl dresses.

The most beautiful and glamorous- our iconic "Dior Valere Tutu Dress" exudes such an effortless elegant sophistication for babies and girls. Paired perfectly with our best seller "Glitter Bow Mary Janes Jelly Shoes" to complete the perfect refined ensemble for precious little girls.

Dior Valentina- the Dior Valere Tutu Dress. Made especially for babies, toddlers, and little girls. Perfect children holiday outfit and flower girl dress for wedding.

Brazilian jelly shoes made for babies, toddlers, & girls

Luxurious Baby & Girls’ Jelly Shoes

Dior Valentina- Sweetheart Glitter Jelly Sandals For Babies, Toddlers, & Kids

Dior Valentina

Sweetheart Glitter Jelly Sandals

$49.99 $55

Shimmering flecks of glitter will have your little one feel so special in the cutest classic jelly sandals that features a transparent outsole that consists of shimmering glitter flecks and complemented with a charismatic heart shaped bow. Easy pull through buckle for growing babes, toddlers, and little girls. 

Key Benefits:

•Considered the most comfortable, versatile, and ease of maintenance shoes.

•Made in Brazil- Premium high quality jelly material, which increases the thickness and durability of the material but still very lightweight for the child to ensure comfort. 

*Lightweight elastic flexibility for maximum comfortability and breathable to mitigate perspiration.

*Versatile design from casual play, school, to dress up for all special occasions.

*Infused with a sweet luscious scent. 

•The perfect universal shoes for babies, toddlers, and girls.

The comfortability of the Sweetheart Jelly Sandals are superior, leaving no marks or indentations on the child's foot due to the premium Brazilian material. Walking or running will have no limitations as all of our shoes are made with the most quality materials and features a low elevated heel so it will not jeopardize the front toes. The best part- they are made with premium elasticity, highly flexible, breathable, easy to clean, and will always maintain their beauty with the right care. 

Made in Brazil. 


Elegant tutu dresses made for babies, toddlers, and girls

The Most Glamorous Baby & Girls’ Tutu Dresses

Dior Valentina's exclusive "Valentina Ella Tutu Dress" features an elegant ruffled over the shoulder, a high-quality soft cotton bodice with voluminous layers of the finest tulle. Sophisticated and beautiful, made perfectly for babies, toddlers, & girls.

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Genuine cow leather, high-quality premium shoes for babies & girls

Elegant Baby & Girls’ Leather Shoes

Dior Valentina- Classic Leather White Mary Jane Shoes for baby, toddlers, and big kids

Dior Valentina

Classic Leather White Mary Jane Shoes

$49.99 $60

Hand-crafted utilizing soft 100% genuine cow leather to ensure premium quality and comfortability, featuring an elastic gold buckle and curved edge for amplified elegance.

The soft and supple leather will ensure comfort and flexibility- breathable and always lightweight. This elegant leather Mary Jane shoes are perfect for growing babies, young toddlers and big kids. 

The smaller sizes for babies features a soft suede with the iconic "DV" branded on the outsole. The larger sizes are compromised of a durable outsole that provides protection for every terrain.


The leader in luxury tutu dresses and Brazilian footwear for baby & girls

About Dior Valentina

Dior Valentina is a luxury brand that specializes and provides luxurious, glamorous girls’ tutu dresses and elegant Brazilian jelly and leather shoes that exudes a distinctive elegance with a strong focus on quality, along a European influence for the ultimate timeless refined sophistication made for babies, toddlers, and girls- that incorporate longevity and comfortability for children. 

Providing the ultimate luxury shopping experince is our number one priority and we strive to make each of our customer's shopping experience exceptional. Dior Valentina is known to have the most outstanding and best customer service- Going over and beyond to ensure your happiness is our main goal.

We take pride and confidence in the quality of our clothing and shoes and by demonstrating a commitment to strong customer service, we offer complimentary shipping on all orders, complimentary return within 20 days of purchase, and every order is adorned with the most beautiful and elegant exclusive Dior Valentina signature gift box.

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