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Dior Valentina- Dior Valere Tutu Dress- for babies, toddlers, and little girls

Dior Valentina

Dior Valere Tutu Dress

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The breathtaking limited edition “Dior Valere Tutu Dress” features dramatic ruffled shoulders, luxurious feathers cascading down from crystal beaded flowers, embellished over a high quality premium cotton bodice. Multi-layered for dimension, the skirt is made from ultra soft tulle creating an elegant silhouette that adds a glamorous touch.

This beautiful children's tutu dress is an absolute exquisite piece in the Dior Valentina collection. All babies, toddlers, and little girls will be the most beautiful and elegant in this enchanting dress.

We hold the upmost regard to the comfortability of the child. The Dior Valere Tutu Dress is handmade with high quality soft porcelain cotton, breathable and soft elasticity throughout the bodice, while utilizing the finest tulle to provide lasting all day comfort. 

Perfect for gifting- each order includes the complimentary iconic Dior Valentina gift box that includes- magnetic closure, satin ribbon, and tissue lined paper. 

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*Featured on the prestigious wedding magazine “INSIDE WEDDINGS” as one of the top recommended flower girl dresses. 

Dior Valentina

Perfect Holiday Outfit

Your special little girl will be the most beautiful, glamorous, and enchanting this holiday in our iconic "Dior Valere Tutu Dress". Paired perfectly with the best seller "Glitter Bow Mary Janes Jelly Shoes" to complete the perfect holiday ensemble. Let her beauty shine through and feel the most magical this season.

Dior Valentina- the Dior Valere Tutu Dress. Made especially for babies, toddlers, and little girls. Perfect children holiday outfit and flower girl dress for wedding.

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