Dior Valere Tutu Dress

$72 $205

The breathtaking limited edition “Dior Valere Tutu Dress” truly has a sophisticated elegance that is undeniable. Glamorous and chic, with a timeless classic appeal for children.

Features dramatic ruffled shoulders, luxurious feathers cascading down the beautiful crystal beaded flowers, embellished over a high quality premium cotton bodice. Multi-layered for dimension, the skirt is made from ultra soft tulle for lasting comfort, while creating an elegant silhouette that adds a glamorous touch. 

Dior Valentina exclusive design. 

*Featured on the prestigious wedding magazine “INSIDE WEDDINGS” as one of the top recommended flower girl dresses. 

The silhouette is to be slightly above the ankles. However, if a shorter variation is desired, size down. Elastic enclosed at waist with a premium soft cotton bodice.
Dry cleaning recommended. Each embellishment is delicate and individually hand sewn onto the garment. For maximum preservation of the dresses, it is highly suggested to handle with the upmost delicate care.
  1. Straight out of the package, it is recommended to hang the garment to release any wrinkles or creases out of the fabric.
  2. Bring out the beauty in your dress: fluff up the skirt with each layer and shake to obtain voluminous results.
  3. Increase the longevity by spot cleaning very gently over any blemishes visible on the tulle.
  4. Steaming our garments: use a moderate temperature while maintaining a safe distance of approximately 15cm between the garment and steamer. Embellishments should never be exposed to a steamer, as this could greatly affect the integrity and cause melting or oxidation.

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